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Our company sells products successfully both within Russia and worldwide
Due to constant improvement of technologies our company is currently one of the steadiest Russia’s market competitors.
Проект дома

Doors from the manufacturer

Environmental friendliness eko

All doors are manufactured from 100% natural materials.

Durability time

Guaranteed to serve you from 10 to 30 years or more.

Noise insulation time

All doors have a high level of noise insulation.

Versatility time

The design of the doors matches any interior.

Our company has been engaged in wholesale and retail manufacturing of connecting doors since 2001. An area of 17 hectares allows to easily carry out the full cycle from woodworking to the release and storage of finished products.

Our doors successfully combine affordable price and quality, they are environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic, fit any space. The products are made of wood, pine, MDF and coated with natural veneer sheets made of fine woods. All doors are delivered in their original packaging, ensuring safety during transportation and storage. The products have passed voluntary certification, the quality is confirmed by Russian certificates of compliance with GOST, master value "On compliance of unified sanitary epidemiological and hygienic products with the requirements for foods."

All kinds of payments are available
Payment for corporate customers
  • Cashless transfer: You will be billed on the basis of the ordering agreement and the agreed terms of payment. The goods are released upon cash transfer to our account
Payment for individual customers:
  • Cash payment in any of our brand stores.
  • Cashless transfer: You will be billed on the basis of the ordering agreement and the agreed terms of payment. The goods are released upon cash transfer to our account.
We are always open to cooperation and are glad to help you

We cooperate with wholesale customers from Russia and abroad. We ship products straight from the factory warehouse. Each shipment is accompanied by promotional materials, which encourage sales.

Our managers are always ready to consult you and help you with your choice. On all questions, please call:

Why choose us?
Creative ideas
Creative ideas
We always approach our subjects from different perspectives!
Individual approach
Individual approach
Individual approach to every customer
21 years of market experience
21 years of market experience
We have been in business since 1998 and during this time the company has gained great experience!
Reliable technologies
Reliable technologies
The company has automatized both internal and external operating processes in these years.
How to order our doors
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28.01.20 Discount on all assortment

Promotion: 18% discount on all items * For more detail call +7 (482) 326-39-16

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28.01.20 Professional holiday of forest...

In Rzhev was celebrated a professional holiday of forest workers

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