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Connecting doors wholesale from a leading Russian enterprise with sales in Moscow, St. Petersburg and the Russian Federation

Dear colleagues!

Our company is always open for cooperation with wholesale customers from Russian regions and foreign partners. The opportunity of shipment straight from the manufacturer’s warehouse allows us to dispatch the doors in different batches and therefore satisfy the needs of all wholesale clients.

A flexible pricing policy considers the interests of all partners and allows to make a profit to all the parties concerned, and the unconditional high quality of products will provide constant demand from your clients.

If you become our partner, you get:

  • Guaranteed high quality products

  • Affordable prices

  • A broad range that corresponds to the latest market trends and needs

  • Manufacturing and shipment of products within a specified time frame
  • A personal manager who will provide the necessary assistance at any stage of the deal

  • Materials for sales promotion

Do you want to sell high - quality products, which is always demanded by a buyer, and receive consistently high returns from its sale?

Let's make high profits together!

Sincerely yours,
Sales Department of OOO Rzhevmebel

The Rzhevmebel manufacturing company offers interior doors wholesale from a warehouse in Rzhev with the delivery in Moscow, St. Petersburg and throughout Russia. We individually produce doors and accessories (door frames, door trims, decorative elements) and directly guarantee the quality of products: the clients will come back in order to buy durable and stylish doors from Rzhevmebel.

Doors are made of natural solid pine, which is a hypoallergenic and durable material. Pine connecting doors will match the room and turn the bedroom, office or playroom into a private room, as soundproofing will protect the room from any extraneous sounds. Four kinds of finishing are available: classic white, elegant black, sophisticated silver and natural wood with elegant patterns. Each of them will bring comfort to your house. People will come to you not just for buying the door, but for the style, comfort, and quality of Rzhevmebel.

Rzhevmebel produces connecting doors from natural solid pine. An eco-friendly door made of wood will perfectly fit in the modern or classic interior, it’s suitable for a bedroom, a playroom, an office or a living room. We offer four types of finishing for our clients:

  • Classic white. The white door is a classic that fits any type of interior. It blends in the surroundings and looks elegant.
  • Stylish black. Fits in an apartment with a modern interior style or in bright interior design. Looks very nice with the white and colored walls.
  • Luxurious platinum. Fits in the rooms in a vintage or retro style, as it looks elegant and original.
  • Natural wood. Pine door with the natural wood patterns is simple but sophisticated. Fits into the interior with any kind of finishing.

We offer connecting pine doors for all tastes, even the picky client will like the models produced by Rzhevmebel.

Do you want to sell and make a profit? We guarantee a stable monthly return from the sale of connecting doors produced by Rzhevmebel! Our company is pretty popular among customers, they like our production, so they will choose you as the official Rzhevmebel retailer.

Favorable conditions for wholesale buyers

Rzhevmebel company works with wholesale customers on mutually beneficial terms. We will sell interior doors wholesale in Tver, Moscow, St. Petersburg and provide support at every stage.

If you are from Moscow, we will dispatch and deliver a batch of doors to the specified address. We dispatch and deliver interior doors wholesale in Russia. We will produce and deliver the doors on time.

Besides, we will provide a personal manager to clients ordering doors wholesale. Our specialist will be with you at all stages of the transaction, he will help you with the conclusion of the contract, control the delivery and advise you on any issues.

Rzhevmebel will sell you doors in wholesale and help sell them to clients! We will provide you with advertising tools: flyers, billboards, offline and Internet marketing. Besides, we will stimulate sales as well!

We follow the trends in the market of building and finishing materials and anticipate the client’s requests. You can sell doors from Rzhevmebel effortlessly because these are the exact doors that clients need: stylish, strong, durable and natural.
We independently manufacture doors and do not make exorbitant extra charges. Wholesale products are available to a broad range of customers.

Rzhevmebel manufacturing company is based in two capitals.

We are based in Rzhev and supply finished products to Moscow, St. Petersburg and throughout Russia. We guarantee our retailers stable sales and monthly returns. There is a great number of shops and markets selling building and finishing materials in both capitals, but Rzhevmebel products are products with a soul. We sell coziness, warmness, comfort, and serenity. Models are energized with the love and attention of our masters, as we sell emotions and feelings. Rzhevmebel company takes care of its clients and the style and comfort of their houses.

Connecting doors from the Rzhevmebel manufacturer are sold at an attractive wholesale price. We are not looking for immediate one-time returns, as we develop strong long-term cooperation with clients. We will sell you connecting doors and help you boost sales, customer traffic and develop a reputation as an honest retailer who sells high - quality products. Clients trust Rzhevmebel, so they will trust you. High monthly returns and a diverse client base are guaranteed. We are looking forward to new partners and mutually beneficial cooperation!