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Door frame expanders

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    If the wall turned out to be thicker than the door frame that you bought, then the overall appearance of the door won’t be aesthetically nice. About ten years ago, the extra wall barges were painted or plastered. Nowadays such finishing was replaced by the door frame expanders for connecting doors, which transform the door and the room design in general.

    Door frame expanders for connecting doors from the Rzhevmebel manufacturing company in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Tver

    A door frame looks thicker than a door itself pretty rarely. Usually, everything happens another way around. The walls have a standard thickness of 7.5 cm, however, partitions sometimes can wider. It is necessary to bring together the dimensions of the wall and door frame, this way creating harmony.

    A door frame expander is a panel with a rectangular cross-section, which allows increasing the width of the door frame. You can usually find the following types of door frame expanders in the shops:

    • simple (without decoration);
    • telescopic

    Standard expanders are manufactures in different sizes, they are made of MDF and other materials, so they are pretty cheap. The price of telescopic expanders is higher because their configuration allows you to make the product bigger and finish the door frame of any thickness. Sometimes manufacturers join this part with a door trim, however, your walls have to be of a particular thickness in order to use such a combined molding.

    Buy wooden door frame expanders for door frames of any size at very advantageous prices

    Door frame expanders are mounted after installation of the door frame, adjusting the product in size. These parts are attached with PU - foam, however, sometimes you can find complex fixings. If there are special grooves in the expanders, then the installation becomes easier. Check the company’s catalog to buy the required model of expander moldings. Prices for these products are pretty attractive, and if you have any difficulties with the choice, our managers will help you to determine the size parameters. The door with door frame expanders looks elegant and practical.

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    Creative ideas
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    Individual approach
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    21 years of market experience
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    Reliable technologies
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    High-quality door frame expanders from the manufacturer

    Door frame expanders can be installed by yourself. However, if are not experienced in door frame mounting, it is better to get the job the done by professionals. This is what customers do in Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the Rzhevmebel company sells molded products.

    We offer a large catalog of interior doors from the manufacturer.

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