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Wooden doors

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Currently, the construction market is characterized by a wide assortment of different building materials that are intended for finishing the entrance to the premises. However, a major part of consumers prefers installing wooden doors in their houses, apartments, and offices. Doors made of solid wood and glued leaves are equally popular.

Wide assortment and benefits of the material

In our company, both light connecting and massive entrance wooden doors are highly demanded. This material is hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly and is directly related to the concept of luxury interior decoration. The wood looks very decent, it’s easy to be processed, has perfect durability and good soundproofing.

Depending on the place of the future installation of the ordered products, we choose the exact technology of their manufacturing and form the price. Wooden doors indoors can have outstanding veneering and marquetry, but at the same time have a distinguishably affordable price. For their production, we usually choose (except for rare cases) softwood (spruce, pine, alder, etc.) and minimal additional processing (drying, impregnation, protective tinting).

Entrance and street door constructions are manufactured considering more tough requirements. They perfectly cope with atmospheric condensation and sunlight, temperature extremes, fungi, and pests, as well as deformation and physical impact. Usually, we choose beech, oak, ash, walnut, cherry tree and mahogany as the raw material. You can check the quality of the finished door pretty easily: the surface should be even, the coloring should be uniform, there should be no spots, drips, painted wood chips, small cracks, traces of bumps or resin.

Classification of models

We offer our customers wooden doors of any categories. They may differ according to the following criteria:

  • by the number of doors leaves — single, double, triple (with horizontal and vertical arrangement) having an air space;
  • by design — glassed-in (paneled), solid (smooth, veneered), with a metal frame;
  • by purpose — entrance, street, vestibule, connecting, staircase, balcony, attic;
  • by shape — arched, rectangular, oval, conical, with an irregular shape, a shape that corresponds to the purchase of doors in bulk;
  • by the method of opening — swing, sliding, double - swing, rolling;
  • by material — made of the solid wood, MDF, chipboard, fiberboard;
  • by the method of finishing — with the addition of carvings, forged elements, exclusive accessories, knockers, portals

The materials used in the door manufacturing also have their individual characteristics, which makes the selection of the required texture and color of the manufactured doors much easier. If necessary, the wood can be artificially aged, bleached and decorated.

Single - piece solid doors are especially durable and reliable. The glued solid that has recently appeared on the market helps to achieve an attractive price. Currently, it is one of the most modern technologies.

Our opportunities

Contacting our company, you get access to a wide range of finished products for the home, apartment, office. Besides, due to our own production, we will quickly manufacture wooden doors for customers from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver and all over Russia. You can place an order on the website or agree upon it with the company manager. We accept different payment methods, cash, and bank transfer. Delivery can be arranged straight from the company's warehouse or you can use the delivery services to the stated address.

There can be different options for the product set, an implied warranty is included. Discounts are provided when buying doors in bulk. There are also special offers for our regular customers and promotions and sales for everyone. Our experts are ready to help you with a choice or advise you on any issues at any time.