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Veneer doors

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Doors made from natural veneer sheets have several advantages at once. They are thick, environmentally friendly and reliable. Besides, veneered doors look great in any surroundings. We offer you buying high-quality connecting doors straight from the manufacturer.

Catalog of veneered doors from the manufacturer

The Rzhevmebel company produces high-quality veneered doors from oak and other wood species. The oak durability allows creating uniquely durable connecting doors.

The structure of such doors looks complicated compared to products made of natural solid wood. The base of such a door is an oak frame. The inside of this frame is represented by ribs that give the door solidness and a filler. From the outside, the frame is veneered. The varnish coating gives the product a great appearance, keeps the solidness of the surface. The door leaf looks stylish and modern.

The manufacturer exclusively veneers the products with high-quality materials. Rzhevmebel doors made of natural veneers are very popular among customers. You can buy connecting doors at affordable price wholesale and retail in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tver and other regions of the Russian Federation by simply choosing any model you like from the catalog. We supply our products to the most popular salons in the country.

Wide range of natural veneer sheets for door lining

Why are the products made from natural veneer sheets in such a demand? They have several advantages:

  • the use of natural materials during the assembly;
  • cost-efficiency;
  • attractive appearance;
  • durability;
  • increased strength

Remember that despite the fact that veneered doors are reliable, they are afraid of moisture. If you have the moist air in your house, then, as time passes, the door will deform due to the swelling of the coating. A moderately dry microclimate is a perfect climate for veneered doors, as it allows them to become a durable decoration of the classic interior.

We offer different models of high - quality veneered doors at an affordable price.