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Recommendations for the storage and maintenance of connecting doors

Connecting doors are the decoration of the interior, that’s why they need the same attentive and careful attitude as furniture. The following is given the important information to help keep your doors in the best condition for the longest period of time. Please read the instructions carefully!

When handling this product, one has to comply with the following rules for storage and maintenance:

  1. Before the installation, doors should be stored in a dry ventilated premise, on a flat surface, horizontally laid on at least 2 transverse separators located at the edges of the door leaf. Along with this in order to avoid damage to the products in the open door leaves, prevent contact of fillets (frames) with other surfaces. Don’t leave the doors in the premise where construction work is with a great release of moisture is performed (wallpapering, whitewashing, plastering, filling, tightening devices, etc.), as well as in the fraught and near heating devices.
  2. Keep the doors in their original packaging as long as possible until installation.
  3. The installation of doors and fixation of fittings should be carried out by the skilled workers using specialized tools and materials.
  4. When installing connecting doors made of natural materials, particularly in winter, we recommend you to bring the doors into the room at least a week before the installation in order to acclimatize them. Natural wood interior doors are designed for installation in rooms with air temperature from +15 to + 35 ° С and relative humidity from 30 to 60%. Extreme fluctuations in these parameters can damage the door leaf.
  5. Avoid direct sunlight on the door, which can cause the uneven color changes of the door.
  6. In order to keep the nice appearance of the Rzhevmebel interior door, it is recommended to use special products for natural wood furniture. The door surface must be cleaned with a wet cloth.
  7. Avoid physical impact on the door leaf and elements of the door frame and trim, their contact with acids, alkalis, solvents, exposure to moisture and vapor of liquids, as this can result in defects on the door surface and change in appearance.
  8. When maintaining interior doors in the bathroom, one has to fully air out the room after using the bathroom.