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Interior doors

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Types of construction


  • Solid: solid leaves on both sides. Such options are cheaper and look laconic. This option allows you to save on wood moldings.
  • With a door leaf: in the middle of it, there are insert elements of different formats, which allows accentuating the product’s originality. The door leaf can be made of different materials according to your wishes.
  • Folding: a construction consisting of two leaves connected by a mechanism. They open sideways in order to save space.
  • With glass: instead of the door leaf, there is a glass installed in this model. It allows you to visually make the room more spacious. The glass element is often opaque, matte. There may be some patterns or images on it. Our company also offers the production of folding connecting doors of swing type.

About the color choice: useful tips

There are several basic principles for choosing a color:

  • In order to match the floor coating — it will allow you to get the most harmonious combination.
  • In order to match the furniture — you can choose according to different elements of furniture and decor.
  • In order to match the molding — it will create a bright accent and accentuate the concept of the interior.

Buying connecting doors in order to match the walls is not recommended, as it will create a feeling of isolation.

Manufacturer concept

At the moment, our company produces an affordable product of high quality. Our main aim is to enter the world market due to advanced production and the exclusive design of our connecting doors.

Strict quality control

The company adheres to careful control of the quality of the products. At the production stage, the product undergoes several stages of quality control. We do everything we can in order to provide the best quality of the goods, but if you find a manufacturing defect, contact our consultants to address this issue.

Affordable price: due to the demand for goods, we managed to reduce prices by 8-15% over the past year, which positively influenced the level of demand and the sales number.

Connecting doors wholesale from a leading Russian manufacturer at points of sale in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the Russian Federation.