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Wood moldings

Door frames
Door frames

Door trims
Door trims

Door frame expanders
Door frame expanders

Decorative elements
Decorative elements


In order to perfectly install the door in the doorway and effectively complete the whole picture of the interior space, you can complement it with supporting elements. These include trim moldings that are manufactured by the Rzhevmebel company.

Trim moldings from the Rzhevmebel manufacturing company.

Not every buyer can understand what hides under the name "trim molding". Moldings are the elements that have a small cross-section but different lengths. Among these products are:

  • door frame expanders;
  • door frames;
  • door trims;
  • door cappings;
  • decorative profile.

The molding is measured in meters, called running or linear. At the moment, trim moldings are necessary for the installation of interior and exterior doors. However, these items are not included in the set. That’s why when ordering doors in the company wholesale or retail ask for the respective molding set. When buying trim moldings, you have to know a couple of features.

Door frame expanders are necessary if the doorway opening in terms of wall thickness is larger than the dimensions of the door frame. The best option is ordering expanders, making preliminary measurements. When choosing door trim, buy those that match the color of the door itself. When it comes to the door frame, it is bought according to individual sizes and should be of high quality. Even with a minor obliqueness of the door frame, there is a risk that the door will be installed sidewise.

We are glad to offer the natural moldings of high quality and amazing features.

Rzhevmebel company offers a wide range of moldings. You can check all the product options in the shops of Saint Petersburg, Moscow, and Tver. You will definitely find the available molding which will be perfect for your interior.

We provide the opportunity to purchase moldings both at retail and in bulk with doors from the manufacturer. Our company has a good reputation and is very trusted by our clients. If you have any questions, you can contact our managers.